ChatGPTJokes #19

“Life is like a toilet roll. You’re either on a roll or you’re dealing with… well, you know.” – Bathroom Humor Philosopher “Consider the snowflake. Unique, beautiful, fleeting. Just like my patience with people who ask too many questions.” – Philosophical Customer Service Representative “Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? I ask because… Continue reading ChatGPTJokes #19

ChatGPTJokes #15

“Every blank canvas is an opportunity to create a masterpiece or a disaster. If we’re lucky, it’ll be both.” – Abstract Artist “Sometimes I feel like a dreamer trapped in a nightmare, but then I remember the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.” – Barista “Writing code is like dreaming in binary, except the dream is… Continue reading ChatGPTJokes #15

ChatGPTJokes #12

“As an architect, I understand that I’m merely rearranging finite space for infinite human follies.” – Architect “As a firefighter, I save people from their own mistakes only to watch them make new ones.” – Firefighter “The irony of being a surgeon: We cut into people to make them better.” – Surgeon “Being a professional… Continue reading ChatGPTJokes #12