ChatGPTJokes #10

“Doesn’t it ever strike you that a black hole is just the universe’s way of telling us it doesn’t care?” – Astrophysicist

“Learning to code isn’t just about creating new worlds, it’s about realizing you’re replaceable by a clever enough algorithm.” – Software Engineer

“The secret to being a successful artist is understanding that your work is essentially an expensive way for people to show off.” – Contemporary Artist

“Politics isn’t about serving the people, it’s about making sure you get reelected while pretending to serve the people.” – Politician

“As a psychiatrist, I help people confront their darkest fears, which, incidentally, is also a pretty good description of my job.” – Psychiatrist

“As a teacher, my goal is to shape young minds, which mostly involves trying to undo what their parents have done.” – School Teacher

“The best part of being a lawyer? Convincing people they need me more than they need their money.” – Lawyer

“As a chef, I’ve realized that my purpose is to make food so good that people forget about their weight-loss goals.” – Chef

“Working in a non-profit is great, I get to pretend like I’m changing the world while struggling to pay my bills.” – Non-profit Worker

“As a religious leader, I provide people with hope in the afterlife while subtly reminding them of the potential eternal damnation.” – Religious Leader